Monday, 21 July 2014

Andrew's Beer Batter Tempura

One of Andrew's favourite recipes is beer batter and when he decides to cook an evening meal this is usually the dish he makes....

Beer Batter Tempura

For the beer batter

140g 00-grade flour
200ml pale beer
Pinch salt

For the tempura

mixture of sea foods - squid, cod, salmon, prawns etc and vegetables - we like - mushrooms, peppers and courgettes.

To make the batter....

Sieve the flour & salt into a bowl and beat in the beer until it forms the consistency of double cream.

Leave to stand for about 10 minutes - I don't know why it's just better if you do!

Prepare your chosen sea foods & vegetables by cutting them into bite size pieces and dusting with flour.

The vegetables are better if slightly blanched first. Either place in boiling water; then immediately rinse in cold water and pat dry or pop into the microwave for 30 seconds to slightly soften.

To cook heat a wok with about a  third full of sunflower or rape seed oil (our choice). When the oil is hot dip each piece into the batter and add, one at a time, to the hot oil.

Don't fry too many at a time or the temperature of the oil will fall and your batter wont be crisp!

When each piece is cooked drain on a piece of kitchen paper and serve immediately.

Here Andrew has cooked squid, pieces of cod and some rings of red pepper....

I made a quick spicy tartar sauce to go with the fish - in a small food processor whizz together a teaspoon of capers, 1 medium gherkin, a spring onion, half a green chilli, juice of a lemon and a good handful of parsley. Once all chopped and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and some salt & pepper.

 Beer tempura