Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Fervour for Fennel

We just love, love, LOVE Florence fennel in our house and would eat it with every meal given the chance.

We were introduce to raw fennel a few years back - when the house next door to us was rented out for 6 months to a young, mad Israeli (Moshe) he had been living in Australia for a number of years and loved the barbecue way of life. This raw fennel salad was one of his favourite barbeque salad.

We would often come home from work to find him in our garden having lit our barbecue and was cooking up a meal to share with us for our dinner! A lovely man we missed him & his family a lot when he went back home.

Here are couple of our favourite ways of cooking it.

First off it's a simple salad which we often have with steak.

First slice your fennel bulb as finely as you can - us a really sharp knife - it makes it easier

Layer it out on a serving dish

And dress with a little olive oil...

a little balsamic vinegar....

and some sea salt crystals and some freshly ground pepper.

That's it - it's done!

The second is a dish we sometimes make to go with roast or cold cuts of Pork.

Cut your fennel bulbs into quarters and cook till tender

season with salt & pepper

layer in an oven proof dish or pan and cover with grated Parmesan & a little Cheddar.

Pop in a hot oven for about 20 minutes or until the cheese has browned.

As you can see we cooked ours in the woodoven!