Friday, 11 July 2014

A Day out in Bath

We recently had a chance to visit Bath Spa in Somerset.

Andrew had an appointment at the University (which we are really excited about - hopefully, I can tell you all about it in a few weeks!) and whilst he was in his meeting I was free to wander the streets made famous by the likes of Jane Austin & I could also visit all the shops!


I didn't buy that much......


but the shops are so great - loads of individual boutique hidden away up historic side-street and arcades

Here are some of the photo's I took on my day out.

This is Union Passage with its boutique shops

Buildings surrounding the Abby Church Yard - all the carving is amazing..

Looking out to Cheap Street

The Corridor Arcade - loved the lighting!

Bath Abby and Pump Rooms - you can have an amazing afternoon tea in the pump rooms ..... one day (sigh!)

Bikes & baskets of flowers are dotted all around Bath

Along with loads of street florests

This is the view from North Parade Bridge looking across to the famous Pultney Bridge - it's one of only 4 bridge in the world with buildings on it and was built in 1774 (see I read my guide book!) - i'm rather proud of this photo it looks like a postcard!

This is the view of the Pump Rooms and the Roman Baths

I didn't see this bike when I took the picture - let alone who's riding it!

Let's hope it was there for all to see.................

Hope you enjoyed my little look at Bath - lets hope I get to show you loads more over the next few years - hint, hint!!

(just realised I used hope a lot there! but that's how I'm feeling at the moment - very hopeful!)