Friday, 27 June 2014

Veggies on the Barbie

Having trouble catering for the vegetarian at the barbie? or do you just want some veggies with your sausages and ribs?

Well, these ideas have become a staple for our barbecues and cover all the bases .........

It's been really hot here the last few weeks & we have got in the habbit of cooking outdoors in the evening last night we lit the barbie & cooked up marinated aubergines, baby peppers and halloumi kebabs

..........they were really good

                  .... .... we did some meat as well

                                                ..... must keep those raging carnivores amoungst us happy!

These recipes are really easy & quick to do -  they are full of flavour & don't dry out whilst cooking

Marinated Aubergines with baby peppers

These are really easy to do..........But a little bit of planning helps

Recipe - serves 4 - 2 large aubergines, 2 cloves garlic - crushed, oilve oil, salt & pepper.

First off cut you aubergines into 2cm thick rings

Place in a colander and sprinkle with salt - set aside for about half an hour to extract any bitterness from the aubergine.

Whilst the aubergines are extracting away make up a simple dressing. Either finely chop some mint leaves ( about a handful) or open a jar of mint sauce. Pour two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into a screwtop jam jar and add the mint leaves, or one teaspoon of mint sauce, some salt & pepper. Screw on the top and give it all a good shake - set aside for later.

After half hour rinse the salt off........

Place the aubergines in a bowl and cover with a good dollop of olive oil, two crushed cloves garlic and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Massage this oil mix into the aubergines with you hands, cover and set aside. For the best results leave over night but just a couple of hours with suffice if that's all the time you have.

About an hour before you are ready to barbecue grab a handful of baby bell peppers and cut in half. Remove any seeds and then throw in with the aubergines and rub in any marinate left at the bottom of the bowl.

Pop all the peppers & the aubergines on the barbie and gently cook for about 20 mins - move them around frequently so they don't burn. Try not to turn the peppers over just cook them skin-side down so all the lovely juices stay trapped.

When the vegetables are cooked, layer in a serving dish, sprinkle on some cubes of feta and pour over the mint dressing. Serve with a small bowl of natural yogurt and some rocket leaves.

Halloumi Kebabs

These are very easy - Just cut you halloumi into
large cubes (4-5cm) and thread onto kebab sticks
with any veg you want - we used onions, peppers,
courgettes and cherry tomatoes.

Brush with a marinade mixture of olive oil, squeeze lemon and crushed garlic.

Place on the barbecue and rotate until the veg are
cooked through and your halloumi has coloured.

Serve with flatbread and hummus.

A really tasty tabbouleh goes well with this

Have a great weekend
Liz x