Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chicken & Mozzarella

A version of this dish was made for me at a friends house. Far too many years ago for me to remember exactly how they made it.

But, I do remember that it was cooked in a frying pan and it was all rather messy with melted mozzarella strands everywhere - especially when they dished out - but it tasted delicious and it only had three ingredients.......

Here's my less messy recipe for chicken pesto with mozzarella

serves 2-3

6 Chicken thighs (skin on, bone out)
3 tablespoon pesto (the green not the red - you could use the red but I prefer the green -it's up to you)
1 large ball of  mozzarella
(optional handful of grated parmesan & some pine nuts)

Pre-heat oven 180C/Gas4

First off you need to remove the bone from the chicken thighs. I always use chicken thigh for this type of dish - I find they have more flavour.

Place thigh on a board skin side down, then feel along one side of the bone with a sharp knife and then do the same the other side. 

Slowly work the knife under the thigh bone to remove it completely

Check the edges to make sure you have removed all the cartilage & bone. This sounds like a long process but it isn't to bad.........

Set the thighs to one side and heat some olive oil in a non-stick pan

When the oil is hot add the chicken - skin side down and brown. Turn them over and quickly seal the underside.

When lightly browned remove from pan & place in an oven proof dish. Place the pan back on the heat & add the pesto. Quickly mix with the chicken oil in the pan (watch out this will spit a lot)

Pour the pesto mixture evenly over the chicken

Place on you mozzarella - along with the optional parmesan & pinenuts.

Pop into the oven & cook for about 25 -30 mins. Its ready when the cheese is melted & browned on top and the chicken is cooked right through.

Place onto warm plates and serve with a salad & some fresh loaf to soak up the juices

We've cooked this successfully in the wood oven and also on a covered BBQ - well worth a try.

Sorry about the quality of my photo's today - my camera is away being serviced and I am reduced to using my old 'point & shoot' so the lighting isn't great. 

It should be back today - yay - I feel lost without it!

Printable Recipe

 Chicken Pesto