Friday, 13 June 2014

Avocado Tarts

I've had this really lonely avocado sat in my fruit bowl all week pleading for me to use him up.

His friends had gone off to become guacamole  and because he was a bit tough he had been left to soften up. Now he was getting a bit squishy - needing me to sort him out and make something.

Am I worrying you with my anthropomorphising of a vegetable (or is he a fruit?)

Don't worry your not alone!!

Anyway back to the lonely avocado.....

A quick look in the fridge got me some mozzarella and tomatoes.

So I decided at put him with a few Mediterranean flavours and make up some tarts for our evening meal.

Serves 2

1 pack of shortcrust pastry - I buy my pastry (!shock?horror!) I could make it but life's too short...
1 Lonely avocado - peeled & sliced into 8
A few baby tomatoes
A few sun dried tomatoes
Tomato paste
1 Ball mozzarella
Cheddar cheese - grated just a small amount enough to cover each base
Fresh Basil Leaves

Pre heat oven to 220C /gas 7; grease & line two individual tart tins

First off prepare your pastry case

Round your pastry, roll out to just over the size you need and line your well greased tins

Prick the base with a fork & line to blind bake - as you can see I use old chickpeas to as baking beads
Pop in the oven & blind bake for about 20 min's - remove the cover & pop back in the oven for a few more min's just to dry out the base.

Whilst your case is baking gather together and prep the other ingredients.

When the cases are done remove from the oven & allow to cool slightly.

Place a good squeeze of tomato paste in the base and spread over the surface - a good tip is to never use a knife to spread always use the back of a spoon! It wont tear into the base - this really works give it a try!

I forgot to prick my pastry case with a fork - that's why it's so puffy!

Sprinkle on the cheddar.....

Place in two avocado slices......

Pop on some tomatoes......

And some sun-dried tomatoes......

Place on two more avocado slices......

Top with your mozzarella and torn basil leaves.....

Phew your done! Pop them in the oven to bake for 20 - 25 min's until the cheese has melted & coloured.

Once removed from the oven leave to stand for a few min's before removing from the case.

Serve with a salad if your feeling healthy or french fries if your not!

Have a great weekend - looks like the sun is going to shine!!!!!

Printable Recipe

 avocado tart