Monday, 19 May 2014

Strawberry Granola Yogurt

(The title says it all & it's also the recipe!)

On a Sunday morning I have the time to actually make an effort with breakfast and in an attempt to produce something good for us,  instead of the usual french toast, pancakes or croissants dripping in syrup, cream cheese and bacon - oh yum!!

What am I doing??

 I reached for the healthy stuff in the fridge - some fresh strawberries, natural yogurt and some handmade granola.

The cunning plan was to presented it really well so it wont be noticed that it's just a strawberry yogurt with cereal sprinkled on top!!!

First chop up the strawberries

pop them into serving glasses - as you can see I used small storage pots 

Get some natural yogurt (unsweetened) and place it on top of your strawberries

Grab your jar of granola

and sprinkle it on the top

Add honey if you want to sweeten them up a bit

And serve - you can cover & chill in the fridge until needed if you wish.

Everyone loved it and there wasn't one request for bacon afterwards although.....

 - Hot buttered toast with raspberry jam was consumed a bit later!

            - don't think I didn't notice............

                   - you know who I mean!!

I didn't include quantities because really you can't go wrong just add as much of each as you want.