Friday, 30 May 2014

Oreo & Stawberry Dessert

There is absolutely no excuse for this dessert it's got chocolate; it's got biscuit; it's got cream; it's got strawberries & it's got chocolate - have I mentioned that already? well chocolate does demands to be mentioned twice!!

I had a ton of strawberries to use up and no idea what to do with them. So a quick look through the cupboard and the fridge gave me a few things to work with......

A packet of oreo cookies & amareti biscuits, a tub of cream cheese, some white chocolate and a tub of cream in the fridge - all those are yummy by themselves so put together they should be awesome!

......... well that was my thinking

No extravagant cooking is require with this one and I haven't included any quantities. It's really upto you how much you want to use of each ingredients and how big you want your final dessert to be - get creative!

To start I made a mix of my 'super duper simple cheesecake mix'. It's basically some melted white chocolate mixed with cream cheese. I melted about 50g white chocolate and then mixed in roughly 100g cream cheese for this pud.

- popped it in a glass and then in the fridge to cool & set

not the most exciting photo but stick with me (it gets better)

Whilst the cheesecake is setting quarter your strawberries (I kept a few whole to decorate the top)

Take half of your cut strawberries and mash them to a puree with a fork - add some sugar & vanilla paste if you wish or even a spot of liquor.

And then crush some amaretti biscuits and then the oreos and set aside

When the cheesecake has set your ready to start assembling  Begin by popping in some crushed amaretti biscuits.......

Followed by some strawberries........

Add some crushed oreo biscuits.........

Some whipped cream ............... (are you bored yet?)

then the strawberry puree..........

Now repeat the process with any remaining ingredients finishing with the cream & a whole strawberry on top. 

You'll need long handled spoons to eat this one.

Although it looks sickly the amount of fresh fruit made it taste really fresh and fruity although I did feel a bit sick after all the taste tests I just had to do!