Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fat Kitty

Forget 'soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur'
(Think I my just have outed my nerdy side - thank you Sheldon!)

We've got Fat kitty, Greedy kitty living right here.

She's my neighbours cat, call Shooie, and seems to live with us as much as she can. Which is great for me - no vet bills, no food bills and especially no grooming - keep those claws away!!

I get the cuddles, headbutts & purr - perfect.

All that love from her is wonderful -however, she does like to pester when we're eating outside and the temptation of Andrew cooking Tandoori Prawns in the wood-oven this weekend was too much.

                      'I spy prawns'                             'have to try them'                        'wow too spicy'

Here's Andrew's recipe for the tandoori prawns

 (such a cheats recipe! Andrew will claim he couldn't get all the spices he needed so he just had to buy tandoori mix! - it did taste good though!)

1 tablespoons tandoori spice mix
4 tablespoons natural yogurt
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
1 teaspoon cumin

250g peeled prawns (the larger the better)
If buying prawns loose allow about six per person for a starter

Mint leaves chopped
Lime wedges
Cucumber Raita - half a cucumber grated and drained for half an hour. after draining mix with 100g yogurt,   some chopped fresh mint leaves and season with salt & pepper.

Mix the tandoori spice, cumin & coriander with the yogurt and then add the prawns. Pop in the fridge and marinade for about 30 minutes.

To cook - either shallow fry for 3-5 mins in hot butter; spear prawns onto kebabs and grill for a few minutes under a very hot grill or pop prawns into an oven proof pan, dot with butter, and put into a very hot oven for about 5 mins.

However you choose to cook them make it quick & make it hot!

Serve with mint leaves sprinkled on , the lime wedges and the cucumber raita.

And keep the cat away!