Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Eggs Hollandaise with Asparagus

This years asparagus in now appearing on our local roadside stalls.

The farms round here often have small produce stalls, by the farm gate, full with the in-season fruit & veg - at the moment it's early strawberries and asparagus.

With the opportunity to buy asparagus all year round, thanks to the supermarkets, I forget how good seasonal English asparagus is.

The best way to eat it is to lightly steam and coat in butter with salt, pepper & a quick squeeze of lemon juice.

But if I want to dress it up as a starter this dish is hard to beat and it's so, so easy.......

First make your Hollandaise Butter (serves 2)

2oz Butter-softened
Juice from half a lemon
Salt & Black Pepper (freshly ground)

Mash your butter in a bowl until soft & pliable, slowly add the lemon juice - it takes time for the butter to incorporate the lemon juice - so add it in small amounts to make it easier. You can use an electric whisk to make it but for a small amount it's not worth it. When you are happy with the consistency add your salt & pepper.

Pop the lemon butter on to some grease proof paper (or clingfilm) roll into a cigar shape, twist the ends and put into the fridge.

Now softly boil an egg, or 2, per person (lower eggs,that are at room temperature, in to boiling water and simmer for about 4 minutes) you need the yolks runny for this dish to work

Steam some asparagus, allow 6- 8 spears per person, and time the cooking  it so they are ready just a head of the eggs (the spears will take about 10 minutes for prep and cooking)

Place the asparagus onto warmed plates and position the eggs in cups next to the spears.

Remove the butter from the fridge & slice

To eat - take the top off your egg, drop a thumbnail of the hollandaise butter into the yolk and some more salt & pepper if your taste leans that way.

Dip in the first spear of asparagus & use it to help mix & eat.


add a little more butter etc as you go.

A few slices of brown bread & butter go well with this or some toast soldiers!

Watch out for the dripping egg down the chin .........

And only eat this with those you know well - you can get into a finger licking mess!!