Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cats, Cobra's & Downward Dog

About 18 months ago I took up yoga and I absolutely love it.

I wouldn't say I was unfit but I'm no athlete and due to my work (& all this blogging) I spend a lot of time sat on my butt at a desk.

When I'm not working I seem to be messing about with housework, gardening etc etc

So I needed an exercise I could do when I wanted, where I wanted & one I could tailor to my time scales each day.

I'm not one for the gym and I hate going to the pool, so when it was suggested to me that I might find yoga a good option I thought I'd give it a go.

You don't need loads of equipment, just a mat, some comfy clothing that allows movement & your all set to have a go.

You can start by attending a local Yoga group - there is usually one run nearby. Or you can do what I do now and follow a routine with a yoga instructor on line. Therefore, you can do the exercises privately in the comfort of your own home & no one can see you falling over or that you have momentarily forgotten which is your left or right!

The lady I follow is Tara Styles she has loads of routines of varying lengths and you can put numerous ones together to form a excellent work out.

I have 2 routines that I do each time and then follow them up with a variety of 'extras' depending on time scales & what 'parts' I want to work a bit more.

If your interested why don't you check out what's available on-line or look locally for an instructor I can definitely recommend it - it does calm me down and clears my head at the end of the working day -
re-energising me so I can enjoy & make the most of my evenings at home.

And remember

 'it's astounding how much one's stress levels
 goes down with the simple act of 
switching from skinny jeans to yoga pants!'

FYI - I've posted my favourite yoga routines on my pinterest site if your interested