Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Ultimate BLT

So this is it folks the unveiling of the ultimate in sandwiches, the one that brings me the most happiness when I bite into it, the most satisfaction (of a job well done - pat on the back for the chef!) and the greatest sense of well being.

To me there is nothing worse in life (well obviously that's not true but...) than the let down of a bad lunch time sandwich! soggy bread... dried curly bread... are you sure this is bread?... not enough fillings... tasteless tomatoes (ugh!)... and the worst of all crimes... no crunch when you bite into it!

So after years of tweaking & perfecting here is my ultimate BLT - a sandwich of  mouth watering and mind blowing yummyness. 

So take a deep breath, clear some space for that drool spot and read on.....

(enough for 1 well filled sandwich)

3 slices of a good Malted Grain Bread
4 Slices Bacon (I use smoked back bacon)
2 medium Vine Tomatoes
1 Avocado peeled & each half sliced into 3
Stilton Cheese
1 small Cos Lettuce Heart washed & dried
Chilli Sauce
Mustard & Cress

First preheat your oven to 200C/180C fan/Gas 6

Lay your slices of bacon on a rack & place in oven for about 15mins until crispy, remove & set aside.

 Slice the tomatoes and place on a non-stick baking tray, add a little olive oil & salt
and also bake for 10-15mins until softened and starting to colour. This enhances the natural flavour of the tomato and increases there sweetness.

Next the bread - this is very important it's not just there to hold your filling it must add texture &
flavour as well and also be strong enough to keep the other ingredients in!

I like to use a locally made loaf of Malted Grain.

Take your slices of bread and give a liberal coating of mayonnaise to one side.

Next take your lettuce and make sure the leaves are dry - blot with kitchen paper if needed you don't
want soggy bread.

Lay a couple of lettuce leaves on the bottom slice of mayonnaised bread.

Next add 3 of your avocado slices

Take your block of Stilton and thinly slice off a few slivers and 
lay on top of your avocado

Pop on a couple of rashers of your cooked bacon - I've left the rinds on because
they cooked really crispy but remove them if you want.

Next place on half of the tomatoes and then the second slice of bread. This slice of bread
 must be put mayonnaise side down because you now need to spread the upper 
side of this slice with the chilli sauce.

Repeat the layering process and on the final top slice of bread sprinkle on a 
layer of mustard & cress - gently press this down into the mayonnaise to hold it in place and
fold over onto the top of your sandwich do not press down.

Holding the top layer down gently cut your sandwich in half .

Once I popped them on the plates no one spoke for 10 minutes whilst they ate.

They're really that good -
if you want to make a sandwich
you'll never ever forget then
 this is the one.


Printable Recipe