Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mothering Sunday

This year we spent up in Gloucestershire with my Mum & Dad and visiting with Charlie (oldest stepson) who  lives locally to my parents.

It was a beautiful sunny spring weekend & we spent a lot of time in the garden & wondering
 around the local town. We brought back loads of tasty breads & Veg along with some beautiful flowers

Mum had a wonderful crop of purple sprouting broccoli so lots were cooked to go with the Roast Lamb for Sunday lunch.

One of the best relaxing mothering Sundays I've had.

 We boiled & served the broccoli with butter & pepper to accompany our Sunday Lunch but broccoli is perfect served with all types of eggs.

 We often serve it with a poached egg for a light lunch and have dipped spheres of broccoli into a runny boiled egg with lots of pepper - very messy but lovely taste of spring.
One of the nicest ways of serving is with a hollandaise sauce especially as an accompaniment
 with boiled ham & new potatoes 

 The flowers looked so lovely around Mum & Dads garden I went mad with the camera