Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mussels in Curry Sauce

As promised my quick & simple mussel recipe.

It's all in the preparation with this one.

Firstly give the mussels a good wash and pull off the beards.

 If your unsure how to clean mussels it very easy. Just rinse under cool running water - I use a clean nailbrush- and give each mussel a once over. If any are broken, open or damaged in anyway discard them.

 You then have to remove the beard

You can either use a knife to grab & pull or your fingers (my preference) Just grab and pull towards the rounded end of the mussel & it will come away.

Pop the prepared mussels into the fridge until you are ready to cook.

Now gather together all the other ingredients

You will need:-
1 Large Spanish Onion - Chopped & Diced
Lots of Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley - Roughly Chopped
5 or 6 Rashers of Smoke Bacon - Chopped 
1 Heaped Tea-Spoon of Curry Paste
1/4 pint double cream or Coconut Cream
Full Glass of White Wine ( make it a good crisp wine you can enjoy with your meal)
Freshly ground Black Pepper

Place the onions in a large pan (that has a lid) and saute on a low heat until translucent. Add the bacon and stir until just cooked. Next the curry paste and a little of the cream (just to loosen)

Now get your pan really hot and throw in the mussels (I love this sound) and give a quick stir. Pour in the wine and pop the lid on - it's the steam that cooks the mussels so making sure that pan is hot when you add the liquid is essential. After about 3 min's take off the lid and add the cream, parsley and Black Pepper

 ( you shouldn't need salt due to the bacon & mussels)

Pop the lid on for another two mins and then take directly to the table to serve.

Printable Recipe


Enjoy with crust french stick, French fries and a good white wine or Breton Cider.

Few Points on Mussels.

* Remember discard the mussel if it is open before cooking or remains closed after cooking
 (a good rule for all shell fish)

* Mussels should look shiny & health. If there is an excess of silty mud or grim don't buy

* they shouldn't smell fishy only of a salty seaside freshness and shouldn't be to large - small is better & sweeter

* When laying the table put plenty of paper napkins to clean fingers
 (finger bowls with lemon slice if feeling posh)
 & a large bowl to collect the discarded shells 

* best way to eat a mussel is to use the shell of another as a pincer 

Hope you enjoy