Friday, 14 March 2014

Freezer Jam

We love the idea of jam in our house & until recently had
 jars & jars of different flavours in the fridge and pantry.
We were always being seduced by enticing labels at Farmer Markets & on foreign trips.
 However, after the jar had been opened and had the odd spoonful removed for toast,
 they would remain forgotten and allowed to go mouldy or sugary until the next cleaning splurge.

Until that is I came up with my solution.

We have always got a good selection of frozen fruit in our freezer, either home grown or a punnet from the supermarket. All I do is take out a handful of fruit per person dump it in a microwaveable bowl and give a good shake of granulated sugar over it - the sugar quantity depends on the tartness of the fruit of choice and your personal tastes.

Then cover & pop it in the microwave on High for about 3-5 min's and voila we have Jam.

This way we can make jam whilst the crumpets are toasting (or croissants are baking) it all get eaten in one sitting, no more mould and there is more room in my fridge & pantry - win win all round.

Try it you'll be hooked