Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Butterfly Art

A corner of our dining room needed some original art on a large canvas. I had been 
hunting high & low for something that would fit, be interesting, the right colours & original.
In the end I decided to produce something myself.

Step 1 - The Canvas
You will need

Artist canvas
Matt emulsion
Plaster of Paris
Roller & Mixing tray
Tinted Matt Emulsion ( I used Dulux Calico)

The canvas was prepared first with a stiff mix of  the Matt Emulsion & Plaster of Paris.
 I then rolled the mixture on thickly allowing ridges and uneven raised pattern to form. So it looked a bit like an oil canvas texture. Allow to dry & then paint with a tinted emulsion.

Step 2 - The Butterflies
You will need

Old Magazines
Stiff white card
A butterfly stencil (see below)
Darning Needle or punch
Needle & reel of contrasting thread

Firstly cut out a butterfly shape in some stiff card or plastic
 (an old ice-cream tub lid is ideal) This is for a template.

this was my template

Using your template cut out as many butterflies as required from the white card.

Next flick through old magazines and pull out pages with bright photo & pictures on.
I used old garden illustrated magazines - lots of bright pictures of flowers.

Stack the pages 5/6 thick and staple the corners to stop them sliding, & then cut out loads of butterflies.

To assemble your butterflies take one white Top Card and gather 5 or 6 coloured silhouettes & place underneath. Hold the butterfly firmly and push the darning needle through the thorax (body)
 three times at equal spaces. You may want to place the butterfly on a chopping board or firm surface.

Next thread your needle & knot for a double thread and stitch your butterfly together down the middle.
 Repeat this process until all the butterflies you require are made.
 I stitched mine sitting in front of the fire watching telly one night.

Step 3 - The Fun Bit

You will need

Some double sided sticky tape
Large Black Marker 

Lay your canvas on the floor or the dinning table and start to place your butterflies.
Move them around & stand back often to get the layout your happy with.

Then working on one butterfly at a time, place a strip of tape on the bottom wings
 and attach to your canvas. you could use a hot glue gun but
 I found the glue to heavy for the magazine pages.

Once you have attached all your butterflies you work of art is ready to hang.
 Use the black marker to sign your canvas if you wish!