Friday, 21 February 2014

Blueberry Bliss Pudding

a very simple pudding that looks & tastes wonderful

serves two
(for two individual puddings)

                                              Base                                 Shortbread Crumble Topping
                                     2oz Castor Sugar                             1oz Castor Sugar
                                         2oz Butter                                          2oz Butter
                                            one egg                                       3oz Plain Flour
                                  2oz Self raising flour                     few drops Vanilla Essence

Large Handful blueberries

To make the base simple cream the butter & sugar together then add the egg followed by the flour and spoon into an individual serving 'oven to table' dish.

 Scatter over the blueberries. 

Then place all the topping ingredients into a bowl and rub together, by hand, until they resemble bread crumbs. Sprinkle this topping over the blueberries concentrating on the centre of the dish - so the blueberry juices & base can leek through the topping.

Bake in a preheated oven (160C/140C fan, gas Mark 3) for 25 - 30 mins.
 Serve with Clotted Cream or good Vanilla Ice Cream.

Printable Recipe

 blueberry Cake