Monday, 3 February 2014

a courgette & feta dish

OK this is a really easy dish to make & so versatile - I love it

fresh mint leaves chopped
olive oil

Not really a recipe to follow so just grab as many courgettes as you want -depends on the number your feeding I usually allow 1 per person but it depends on sizes etc.

Cut the courgettes into rings, about half cm thick, and toss them into a pan of good olive oil. Cook very gently over a low heat until the courgettes start to soften but not colour. Then add the grated zest of one lemon, a handful of chopped fresh mint and freshly ground salt & pepper. Again toss this about. You can now add the juice of half a lemon and as much chopped feta as you like. Give this all a gentle mix and serve on a bed of rocket or watercress leaves.

This dish is so fresh & tasty you can serve it with crusty french bread for lunch with a bowl of olives or as a side dish for Moroccan Lamb, a chicken dish or really any Mediterranean dish you want.

I like to use both yellow & green courgettes when we grow them in the summer -it make a very sunny dish.

Good things you can added to this dish to ring the changes:-

Crushed or sliced garlic - add after the courgettes have softened but before the lemon zest

Chili flakes - don't add too much you will lose the fresh light taste of the dish

Sun dried tomatoes - add after courgettes have softened